Three Resolutions

Instead of making resolutions about never eating crisps again (not going to happen), going to the gym four times a week (because that works on night shifts…) or taking my makeup off every night (sleep is usually a much better option), inspired by my stepsister’s efforts last year with more meaningful promises, I came up with the following trio:

1. Do at least one thing each month in Leeds city centre that I’ve never done before

I’m getting older, but that doesn’t mean I want to keep away from the heart of the city. Leeds has much more to offer than barhopping on a Saturday night. Be that going to the theatre, a new restaurant or try a new activity, I want to make an effort to discover the amazing changes that have taken place in our wonderful city of recent years, or have a go of things that have always been there but I’ve just never gotten around to trying.

2. Do at least one new thing a month in my local area

Half way through last year we bought our first home in Burley. Now that the last box is finally unpacked, it’s about time we started getting out and about. Judging by the recommendations from friends, even limiting ourselves to the LS4/5/6 area, we’re not short of attractions, we just need to drag ourselves from in front of Netflix to give them a bash.

3. Participate more in the local community

I vaguely know who our neighbours are, and smile at a couple of local shop staff, but more than familiar photos on the walls or finding the perfect fabric to make curtains with, what will make this place home is feeling part of it. I don’t know how this will take shape, maybe some volunteering, but I want to walk the streets and have them mean a little more than they currently do. So that’s them. I love this city. I fell in love with my husband here. My best friends and the job I love are here. It without a doubt my home now, but with that comes a blinkered view, one in which I’ve forgotten to look up from whilst going about the business of making a life. Leeds used to be a place I ran to for adventure and mischief, where no day was the same and a good time was always has. Inevitably, making it my home meant that it became the place where a good time was still sometimes had, but where time mainly came to revolve around the daily routine; a place where life was had. This blog will be a record of my rediscovery, hopefully, of that initial excitement.


2 thoughts on “Three Resolutions

  1. I really like this! Way better than meaningless resolutions, and actually enhancing your life (and others, too).

    I love Leeds, and I also want to discover more about the ‘other’ side to town. I’ve found it really hard to get involved in the community over in LS18. It feels quite fragmented up here, and I’m never sure where to start… it always seems that the only things going on are related to parents, trash collection or WI style groups, so I just wouldn’t really feel part of that. I am determined though, this year to get involved somewhere… was thinking about starting something at the Kirkstall market if it goes to plan! 🙂


    • I know what you mean,there’s definitely a space between alcohol excess and old age that I’m just starting to try and navigate. If you chose to be child free then there’s even less options.

      Do you mean the farmers market? Sounds intriguing!


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