That’s How We Roll


In the hope of making a success of Dry January without going stir crazy with boredom, we decided to try Roxy Lanes on Bond Street. The four lanes plus bar venture opened last year, and is a self professed “unique space” offering craft ale, food, beer pong and of course, ten-pin bowling.

Tucked away up several flights of stairs, this place is definitely worth the effort.

While the interior is self-conciously fitted in that faux-dive bar style that’s so popular in town these days, with staple-gunned hardboard walls and gleaming scaffolding, after the hike up the stairs, the stylized dinginess kind of makes sense. It feels hidden away from the world, like we’d stumbled upon a secret hideaway.

There are several deal options available, drinks offers and discount days. We went with the “Mega Feast”, which gave us a drink (mocktail of course!), a starter, a main and a game of bowling for £20. The stonebaked pizza was one of the nicest I’ve had in a long time, perfectly roasted vegetables and just-melted-enough-mozerella, with battered onion rings and sweet bbq sauce the perfect accompaniment. Trade Descriptions will get no complaints about the word mega; the amount of food was incredible (so much so that the remnants of the pizza are still sat in my fridge as I type). I of course didn’t indulge, but the bar looked well stocked and the cocktail menu comprehensive.

And of course the main event. The bowling was lifted from the ordinary with light up balls flashing disco style and cutesy scoreboard animations. Made all the better of course by the fact that I won.


Overall, this place was a hit. The staff were attentive without being irritating and I had the most fun in town sober than I have in a long time. In fact the most fun in town in a long time full stop. We’ll defintely be back (maybe I will have a cocktail next time though…)


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