Twit Twoo

So, in the hope of getting to know my local community better, and with the aim of that worthy but vague notion of “giving something back”, I ventured to the Headingley Heart centre to find out more about my local neighbourhood network OWLS – Older, Wiser Local Seniors – and their volunteer opportunities.

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That’s How We Roll


In the hope of making a success of Dry January without going stir crazy with boredom, we decided to try Roxy Lanes on Bond Street. The four lanes plus bar venture opened last year, and is a self professed “unique space” offering craft ale, food, beer pong and of course, ten-pin bowling.

Tucked away up several flights of stairs, this place is definitely worth the effort.

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Three Resolutions

Instead of making resolutions about never eating crisps again (not going to happen), going to the gym four times a week (because that works on night shifts…) or taking my makeup off every night (sleep is usually a much better option), inspired by my stepsister’s efforts last year with more meaningful promises, I came up with the following trio:
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